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At Bear it fitness, we believe in the power of our community to shape the brand and create something extraordinary together. We offer unique opportunities for you to be a part of our journey and make a lasting impact. Here are two exciting ways you can get involved:

1. Become the Face of Bear it fitness

Do you have a passion for fashion, working out, and a love for our products? If you order a product in a colour we haven't featured on our website, you have the opportunity to become the face of Bear it fitness. Simply take a photo wearing the product in that unique colour in an neural setting and send it to us, granting permission to showcase your photo on our site. But it's not just about modelling – we invite you to become a part of our community page and share photos of yourself wearing our brand, no matter where you are. Whether it's the gym, a serene countryside, or your cozy living room, your style and personality are what make our brand unique. Be an inspiration to others and let your individuality shine.

2. Join Our Start-Up Team

Do you have experience in fields such as law, accounting, business, or marketing? Bear it fitness is more than just a sports brand; it's a start-up company with a vision to grow and innovate. We're on the lookout for individuals like you who can bring their advice to our team. Your skills and knowledge are invaluable, and together, we can shape the future of Bear it fitness. Though, this is currently an unpaid opportunity, it is an opportunity to become part of something exciting that has the potential to grow into something astronomical.  

To Become a Model:

  1. Order a product in a colour not modelled on our site alongside our current models.
  2. Capture a high-quality photo wearing the product in a neutral setting preferably a white background.
  3. Send us the photo along with your permission to use it on our site.
  4. Wait for your moment to shine as one of our featured models!

To Join Our Start-Up Team:

  1. Reach out to us with your expertise and how you'd like to contribute.
  2. We'll connect with you to discuss opportunities and how you can be a part of our growth.

As a Bear it Model:

  • Be featured on our website, gaining recognition and visibility.
  • Showcase your style and influence our community.
  • Exclusive discounts and perks.

As a Start-Up Team Member:

  • Play a vital role in shaping our company's future.
  • Collaborate with passionate professionals.
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Ready to make your mark with Bear it fitness? Whether it's through your fashion flair or professional expertise, your involvement can help us grow and thrive. Choose your path and join us on this incredible journey.

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